Huffington Posts Produces “Faces of Medicaid” Video – Highlighting Clients Served by Our Members and Need to Reject Medicaid Cuts in Congress

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Huffington Posts Produces “Faces of Medicaid” Video – Highlighting Clients Served by Our Members and Need to Reject Medicaid Cuts in Congress

This weekend, The Huffington Post posted a high-impact video profiling four Medicaid recipients and the disruptive and damaging impacts that the severe Medicaid cuts in the House and Senate repeal and Replace bills would have on their lives. The filming of the residents came about after the paper sent a team to cover the ecumenical “Urgent Call To Prayer” event held at Terence Cardinal Cooke on June 28th, following the convening of faith-based leaders the preceding Friday at the CCLC offices.

The powerful clip, which you can view here, was accompanied by the header: “Nobody is Talking About the Impact Medicaid Cuts Would Have on This Group.”

It is vital that we make sure this video – which vividly humanizes those whom we serve, and who stand to lose the most if Medicaid funding were to be severely cut – is circulated as widely as possible.

To reach the greatest numbers of viewers, CCLC recommends that all members circulate the video in the following ways:

Send the clip in an e-mail to the members of the House and Senate identified in MC-72 (however, please note that Congressman King has since expressed opposition to the Senate bill, and any communications to him should express thanks for having taken this position).

You may wish to include the accompanying text:

Dear Senator/Representative _______:

To understand the impact of those who would be most profoundly affected by Medicaid cuts – the chronically ill, frail, and elderly – we urge you to view this video. The people who will be the most severely impacted are those who rely on health care services the most. We urge you to protect the millions of Americans, like those in the video, who depend on Medicaid to ensure they have the quality long term care services they need.

Share the clip via social media.

You may wish to include the following message:

Medicaid Cuts Would Hurt Those Who Rely on Long Term Care Services the Most

Distribute the clip via email to family members, staffs, trustees, and residents urging them to send it on to the House and Senate, and to share it via social media as well.

The next few days will be critical to our field. CCLC will continue to voice our strong opposition to the proposed Medicaid cuts and will keep you updated regularly. If you have any questions, please contact me directly at 212-506-5409, or contact Diane Barrett, Director of Government Relations, CCLC, at 212-259-0741.

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