Application Process

Affordable Assisted Living

Lott Residence welcomes eligible applicants, regardless of religion or ethnicity, who are at least 65 years of age, and who are qualified for Medicaid or are self-pay. We invite you to tour Lott Residence and see for yourself the quality of life that our residents enjoy.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1What is the Lott Residence (Assisted Living Program)?
The Lott Residence is an assisted living program approved by the New York State Department of Health that will enable seniors, aged 65 and older, who require some home care services, medical attention and assistance with daily activities to continue living independently in 127 private studio apartments within the warmth and security of a community environment.
2What is required to be considered for admission to the Lott Residence?
  • Must be age 65 or older
  • Must exhibit need for assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL) such as bathing, dressing, grooming, etc.
  • Must be self-directing and able to take action sufficient to assure self-preservation in an emergency
  • Voluntarily choose to participate in an Assisted Living Program after being provided with sufficient information to make an informed choice
  • Submit a completed medical evaluation signed by a physician conducted no more than 30 days prior to date of admission
  • Applicant must attend a pre-assessment screening with the Lott Resident Admission Committee where a nursing assessment and an assessment of the individual’s social and functional needs and as assessment of the ability of the program to meet those needs will be conducted
  • Submit a mental health evaluation if the applicant has a known history of chronic mental disability or if medical evaluation or interview or any assessment suggests that such a disability exists
  • Complete and submit an Application for Admission questionnaire provided by the Residence. Supporting documentation is also needed per the application packet
3Do I have to appear in person for the pre-screen interview?
Yes, all applicants must come to the Lott Residence for an in-person interview to be assessed for admission eligibility.
4Do I still need all the supporting documents even if I am coming into Lott as a self-pay resident?
Yes. The documentation requirement is applicable to both Medicaid and Self-Pay residents.
5Can Lott Residence accept a resident with dementia?
Lott Residence can accept residents with mild dementia. There is no designated dementia program or unit at Lott Residence. A resident can remain at the Lott Residence for as long as he or she is able to remain self-directing and is not in need of constant supervision and is not a safety risk to himself or herself.
6What should I expect prior to my move into Lott Residence?
Residents will come in a few days before admission to sign the Admission Agreement and make final financial arrangements.
7Can a person with incontinence live at Lott Residence?
If the incontinence is managed then a person may be eligible for residency at Lott Residence. A person with chronic unmanaged incontinence is not eligible for residency at Lott Residence.
8What sort of supervision is provided at the Lott Residence Assisted Living NYC?
Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) periodically check residents throughout the day and overnight to ensure that the resident is safe and to determine his or her needs.
9What happens if my medical condition changes and I need more assistance?
If a resident’s condition changes such that he or she requires constant medical or nursing attention and/or supervision then the Lott Case Manager would work with the resident and family to locate a facility that is better able to meet the needs of the resident.
10Can a resident leave the Lott facility?
Lott Residence has an open-door policy that permits residents to leave the facility at will.

The only requirement is that the resident informs the Concierge where he or she is going and the approximate time of return. All residents leaving the facility are provided with an identification card in the event of emergency. All residents must return to the facility by 11pm.

11Can I go on vacation from the Lott Residence?
Medicaid limits the number of reimbursable overnight leaves of absence a Resident can take away from the Lott Residence to no more than 10 overnight visits a year taken no more than 2 nights at a time.
12Is smoking permitted at the Lott Residence?
Lott Residence is a SMOKE-FREE facility. All smoking must be done outside of the building.
Non-compliance with this regulation will result in discharge.
13How can I afford the Lott Residence?
Funding for the services at Lott Residence can be covered by Medicaid. The 2019 monthly rent charge to Medicaid residents is $1,261 that is paid through the resident’s Social Security, Pension, SSI, or other monthly income. If a Medicaid resident does not have the income to afford the current rent rate then Lott Residence will assist the resident in applying for SSI to cover the rent and provide the resident a monthly allowance for personal items.

For those not eligible for Medicaid, a limited number of studio apartments are available at self-pay rates; currently $6,000 per month.

14What amount is due upon admission?
An applicant who has Medicaid is responsible for one full-month’s rent regardless of the date of move-in.

Self-pay applicants will need to provide two (2) separate checks.

  1. Security Deposit is the equivalent of two (2) months’ rent and must be submitted in the form of a Certified Check; currently totaling $12,000
  2. First month’s rent (personal check is accepted); currently is $6,000
15I do not currently have Medicaid and I cannot afford the self-pay rate. Can Lott Residence help me with my Medicaid application?
A list of Medicaid requirements is included in the application package to assist in the Medicaid application process.
16I have a spend-down amount from Medicaid. How does that impact my payment to Lott Residence?
Medicaid spend-down situations vary between individuals. Please speak with the Patient Accounts Manager to determine what your specific arrangement will mean in regard to your payment to Lott Residence.
17Will Lott Residence hold the apartment until I can move-in?
Once an apartment becomes available the new resident must accept occupancy within one week of notification of its availability. Unfortunately, Lott Residence cannot hold apartments for incoming residents.
18Can Lott Residence help me with medication management?
Lott Residence has LPNs on staff from 7am – 11pm to assist residents with their medication needs. Upon admission all resident are assessed for their ability to self-medicate.
19Can Lott Residence Assisted Living NYC manage my prescriptions?
Yes. Lott nursing staff orders all resident medications through a pharmacy that has been contracted by Lott Residence.
20Does Lott Residence have a doctor on premises?
Residents are free to choose their own doctor. Lott Residence has a doctor on premises that is employed by Mount Sinai/St. Lukes Medical Center. This doctor acts as the Primary Care Physician (PCP) for most Lott Residents and refers to mutually acceptable specialists if needed.
21What medical information is Lott Residence required to maintain?
Lott Residence is responsible for keeping a complete medical record for all residents. This means that residents must report all doctor visits and medication changes to Lott Nursing staff.
22Can I keep my managed care (i.e. HMO) plan if I come to Lott Residence?
Medicare Parts A, B, and D are sufficient to pay for all medical care and services.
A resident who has a managed care plan under Medicaid must cancel all managed care plans prior to admission.
23Does Lott Residence provide escort service to doctor visits?
Lott Residence does not provide escort service outside of the facility with the exception of Lott sponsored trips.
Escort service must be provided by the resident’s family and/or friends.
24Does Lott Residence provide help with making medical appointments?
Lott Residence staff is available to assist residents with managing medical appointments.
25Are residents required to go to the dining room for meals?
All Lott Residents are required to go to our beautiful Dining Room for 3 delicious and nutritious meals and one snack each day.
This provides an opportunity for the resident to socialize and for staff to monitor nutritional intake.
26Can I cook in my apartment?
Residents are required to take all of their meals in the main Dining Room.
Facilities within the apartment are available for snacking.
27What diets can Lott Residence Assisted Living NYC accommodate?
Lott Residence offers diets requiring no concentrated sweets, reduced fat and cholesterol, and/or no added salt.

I have a beautiful room with four picture windows facing Fifth Avenue and the Harlem Meer. I walk around the lake every morning.

Catherine O’Rourke, Age 89